A study on the evolution of user interfaces
Explore the different SERP elements
Each element page consists of an year line with the presence of this element and a timeline with screenshots, both over time. In adition, it is possible to see the positioning of this element in SERP, a list of HTML identifiers and a list of applied design patterns. Click on a pattern/year to navigate to its respective page.
Design Patterns
Learn the different design patterns used in SERP
Each pattern page provides a description, gallery and all the elements, by search engine, where the respective pattern is applied.
Year Comparison
Compare the existance of SERP elements by year
Each year in this timeline contains a list of existing elements per search engine. Elements are highlighted if they were launched in the respective year as "First Time".
Overall Timeline
Compare in time the main changes occured in both SERP
Two timelines side by side are presented with the main changes ocurred in SERP. It is possible to filter this events by element introduction or navigation items.
Layout Evolution
Compare SERP layout for major categories
SERP consists of various elements and components that were divided into categories. All the elements of each category were combined and colored to analyse the overall layout produced in SERP. Each category page compares both search engines and, for each, presents the image result and an animated GIF to provide an evolutionary context.
Design Evolution
Analyse how SERP interface design evolved
This section consists of screenshot timelines to assess how the entire interface evolved over time. Identity, search statistics and navigation sections of the interface have also a dedicated timeline.